Meet Our Lovely Crew.


John F. Antioco
John has held the position of Chairman of Brix Holdings since July 2008. He is also currently serving as Chairman of TGIF Holdings, LLC, parent company of TGI Friday's restaurants. Prior to joining Brix, he was Chairman and CEO of Circle K, Taco Bell, and Blockbuster Entertainment.  He also held a number of leadership positions in his 20 years at 7-Eleven including Senior Vice President.

Jim Notaricola
Vice President Marketing and Franchise Sales
Jim has served as our Vice President, Marketing and Franchise Sales since July 2008. He is also an active partner and director of J&B Restaurant Group, franchise operator of restaurants in the NY area. From March 1996 to May 2004, Jim served as Chief Marketing Officer of Blockbuster Entertainment.  From March 1978 to September 1996, he worked as VP, Marketing for 7-Eleven.

Mitzi Brown
Chief Legal Officer
Mitzi has served as our Chief Legal Officer since our inception in July 2013, having joined Red Mango as Chief Legal Officer in May 2011.  From August 1997 to April 2011, she worked for Blockbuster Entertainment in various legal roles including VP, Legal and Digital Content.

Richard Jensrud
Chief Financial Officer
Richard has served as our Chief Financial Officer since July 2014, having joined Red Mango as Chief Financial Officer in December 2009.  Prior to joining Red Mango, Richard held Corporate Strategy leadership positions at CIC Advantage Holdings, imc2, and Blockbuster Entertainment.

Craig Erlich
Chief Executive Officer
Craig joined Brix in 2013 as Vice President of Red Mango and was promoted to Chief Operating Officer, leading all Brix brands, in June 2015.  Craig has over 18 years in senior leadership roles at major retail companies including Kay Bee Toys, Joanne Fabric and Crafts and CVS Caremark. Prior to joining Red Mango he was Vice President of Easter Seals NY from 2011 to 2013.